LittleBigPlanet PSP & PSVita

Pet Sackboy - PSP

Look familiar? It's my "Pet Sackboy" level but ported over to the PSP version! It was a nightmare to make, because the PSP version only has 2 gameplay "layers" or planes to build on instead of 3. You can't make hollow objects either. The hamster wheel is basically a C shape that I had to draw out by hand to make it appear hollow, which explains why it doesn't spin around perfectly. Wobble bolts don't work right either, so I had to make the recliner in a completely different way than on the PS3 version. The other annoying thing about the PSP version is the lack of tetherless jetpacks! I had to create a new way to get back to your cage, so I decided to make a toy UFO. The soundtrack selection on the PSP version of LBP is sort of weak also. Almost all of the songs sound like they come from some random foreign country, so I didn't have much to go with. Overall, my experience with the PSP version of LBP has been more frustrating than fun. This will probably be my first and last level for the PSP version. The online community is a ghost town also, which makes my desire to create levels even less. UPDATE: I recently decided to give the PSP version another chance, and I started making Pet Sackboy II. Unfortunately, I added so much detail, the level refuses to load! I can't enter the level in play mode OR create mode, so I can't undo what caused the problem! It's really frustrating to put countless hours into a level, just to have nothing to show for it in the end! It's a real shame, they were on the right track with this game but the PSP hardware can't seem to keep up.

Pet Sackboy (PSVita version)

Here is another remake of Pet Sackboy that is based on the original I created in 2009 on PS3. You escape from a hamster cage and have the entire house to yourself while your owner is away. I made this level a lot more challenging than the previous Pet Sackboy levels in terms of puzzles. Some thought the challenge level was too easy, others too hard, others say just right... in other words, I can't please everybody, but if you do get stuck, the video will guide you! To queue this level up, just visit: