LittleBigPlanet 1 & 2

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Here are some of my LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2 creations

You can find all of my levels at

Chu Chu Rocket is my attempt at recreating a classic game from the Sega Dreamcast. I felt this game deserved a tribute, and I was starting to feel way over my head while making it. If you were to see this level in create mode, it would nearly crash your PS3 from all of the logic boards in place. It turned out to be a pretty fun level if you can manage to round up 3 of your friends. For those of you who have never heard of Chu Chu Rocket, the object of the game is to guide mice into your base and to steer cats away from your base. Your base is the same color as the cursor you are controlling. By pressing X, O, /\, or [], you can place arrows which will guide the mice and cats. I recently found out my level appeared on! Thanks for noticing me!

Prius_Prius Fights Back is a level entry for the "Make a Prius Level" contest. The grand prize if you win first place is a 46 inch 3D Sony Bravia television and some other goodies. Anyone who places in the top five will win a Playstation 3 move controller. I figured I would take a stab at making a Prius themed level by turning the Prius into a transforming robot with a ray gun that heals the environment. I didn't want to give away the fact that the car could transform in the title because I wanted to surprise the player as much as possible. When I showed my son this level and transformed it for the first time, his jaw dropped! I am not expecting to win the contest, but at the same time I will be keeping my fingers crossed. I put so many hours into this level to the point my hands started to hurt. There is tons of great competition out there, so it will be interesting to see if I can at least make it to the top 5. I will post an update as soon as the winners are announced! Stay tuned! UPDATE: I am pleased to find out that I placed in the top 5! I won a a Playstation Move controller, EyeToy camera and a copy of Sports Champions. Thanks to all who hearted my level!

Back to the Future DeLorean and Hill Valley was a level I made during the LittleBigPlanet 2 beta. Unfortunately, the beta version had so many bugs that they were forced to delete all of the published levels from the server. This video is all that remains until I can find the time to rebuild it again. This level appeared on! UPDATE: I found an interesting bug that allowed me to import my beta level into the full version of the game. You can now play this level yourself!

Super Lbp Fighter II Turbo is a fighting level loosely based off of the Street Fighter series. I made a boxing level in the LittleBigPlanet 2 beta that allowed full body control. After my boxing level got deleted in the beta, I was starting to rebuild it... but then I had a sudden idea to add kicking attacks and special moves and then I decided to skin it with my favorite fighting game of all time. This level was the end result. I have to say, I never laughed so hard while making a level before, and I had a feeling the community would feel the same. During the first week of publishing this level, it was playing over 500,000 times and MediaMolecule placed this level in their "Developer Favorites" list! The average player plays this level around 15 times in a row. Several people have told me them and their friends would play this for several hours straight. It's currently the most highly played level of all time. I never expected THIS big of a reaction!

Below you can find a list of several levels I made for the original LittleBigPlanet.

You can find all of these levels by searching for the name "Hymanator" in the Little Big Planet Community menu.

Co-op Infiltration is a level that I originally planned on scrapping entirely. I liked how you can carry your friends with the jet pack, and one day I came up with an idea to have one player carry the other while one was shooting the "paintinator". I figured a gameplay mechanic of one flying while the other was shooting was about as co-op as you could get, so I based the level design around that idea. Unfortunately, it was really frustrating testing out a co-op level by myself with 2 controllers, and I took a long break from making the level. Eventually I started coming up with a neat idea for a dramatic highway car chase type of scene, and I figured it would go well with the co-op level I made. The car chase section of the level is an optical illusion. The cars are perfectly still and it's the environment that is actually moving, giving the effect that you are driving down an infinitely long highway while jumping from car to car. This is the first co-op level I ever made and might be my last because it is much harder to bug test a level without another player to give a hand. I was able to have a few family members help out here and there, and I have to give them a big thanks for helping me test it thoroughly before publishing it.

Kevin Butler Ware is my attempt at making a "Wario Ware" type level. I also love all of the Kevin Butler PS3 commercials... and thats when "Kevin Butler Ware" was born. It's weird trying to come up with as many challenges as possible, at one point my mind started to go blank. Apparently a few people liked this level though, it was even featured on!

LBP Sports Volleyball is a short but sweet volleyball level that supports up to 4 players. You can bump the ball up by getting in close proximity of it, or you can sometimes spike the ball if you jump up next to it when it is close to the net. The scoreboard in the background counts up to 9 points. I also added in some dramatic effects if the score gets very competitive! After you are done with volleball, you can play in a secret air hockey arena as a bonus!

LBP Sports Boxing is my attempt to make LBP more of a fun and competitive multiplayer game. This level turned out to be very similar to the old "Rockem' Sockem' Robots" that was pretty popular in the 80's. You can do a left punch, right punch, and even block if you hold the R1 button down. Each player can take around 8 hits, but you can occasionally knock the other players head off if you do a very forceful punch.

Pet Sackboy is one of the latest levels I made. I am proud to say it has become one of the most popular levels in Little Big Planet. The level was even featured in issue 183 of "PLAY" magazine, which is a popular gaming magazine based in the UK! This level also made a brief appearance in the 24th episode of "Qore" on PSN! I started making this level as a dedication to my daughters hamster that passed away a while back. We still had her hamster cage, and I decided to recreate the same cage in LBP. The cage turned out so well, I decided to model an entire level around that one idea. Next thing you know I made an entire kitchen and living room!

Here is a level based off of the old 80's movie Robocop. You start out as an ordinary police officer that get's killed in the line of duty. You wake up to find out your body was donated and merged into a law enforcing robot. Part sack person, part robot, all cop...

"Sack to the Future" is based off of the movie "Back to the Future". You ride in the time machine, travel back to 1955, and then ride back to 1985. This was my first attempt at making a level. Since this video was made, I went back and made a ton of cosmetic improvements. The current version has the following additions (not seen in the video):

- Fire trail appears after time travel

- remote control has speedometer that measures up to 88mph

- street lights/decorations in mall parking lot

- when you travel to 1955, added forest and crash-through-barn sequence

- Docs house looks very similar to his house in the movie

- Added rain effects during lightning sequence

- Time machine will now fly toward you at end of level

- other minor tweaks (no more ugly dark matter is visible, etc)

"Sack to the Future part 2" is based off of the movie "Back to the Future part 2". You start out in 1985, travel to 2015 to prevent your future son from getting in trouble, travel to an alternate "evil 1985", and finally end up travelling back to 1955. The level has been updated since the video was made (no more dark matter ground, etc). Making levels has definitely been a learning process, and every time I learn a new trick, I try to go back to my old levels to update them.

"Sack to the Future part 3" is based off of (you guessed it) "Back to the Future part 3". In this level, you start out in 1955, find out that "Doc" is in 1885, and end up travelling there to prevent him from getting shot by "Mad Dog". To get home you have to use a train to push the time machine to 88 miles per hour. This level wraps up the "Sack to the Future" trilogy, and I hope you enjoy playing them as much as I did making them. I debated doing a "Sack to the Future: The ride" level, but when I heard about LBP creator "The Wiggler" working on one, I figured he could have a go at it. If he decides not to, maybe I will look into it.

"Out of this Little Big World" is based off of the classic pc/console game "Out of this World". (Outside of the USA it is known as "Another World"). You play as a scientist conducting a "particle acceleration" experiment, when suddenly something goes wrong and you are teleported to another world. The first time I ever played this game was on Super Nintendo, and my jaw dropped when I saw how fluid all of the animations and cut scenes were. This game made me felt like I was in a movie, and I felt compelled to play it from beginning to end - even though it was frustratingly difficult at times. Most of the younger gamers out there have never even heard of this game, and it's shame that there hasn't been a Wii/360/PS3 downloadable version yet. You can enjoy it on PC at least. I surprised even myself when I managed to squeeze most of the key elements from the game into my level. This level is a tad bit on the difficult side, so study the video and use it as a strategy guide if you get stuck.